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  • Required Documents
  • Required Documents Notes
    1. Admission Application(After online admission, submit printed documents) Required submission
    2. A letter of self-introduction
    (Need to focus on Professional experience / A plan of study / support motivations, Within two pages A4 size)
    3. Certificate of Degree or Proof of expected Graduation(hard copy)
    4. Transcript (Original hard copy)
    - The percentage of the total grade average score should be recorded
    5. English Proficiency test result: TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS Applicant who hold English Proficiency Test Result
    6. Proof of work experience Applicant who has Work experience
    7. Company Sponsorship Confirmation Letter If Applicable
    8. Degree Verification form, Letter of Consent   Applicant who graduated foreign University
    9. Copy of passport or certificate of alien registration of applicant and applicant’s parents
         - Chinese applicant should submit copy of household register (get notarized)
    Essential Documents for foreign applicants
    10. Certificate of Bank Balance (over USD 22,000)
  • Required Documents and Remarks _
  • A. All documents must be submitted in original copy.
    Copied ones can be accepted after being checked with the original ones and receiving confirmation at the Office of MBA.
  • B. Documents written in languages other than English or Korean must be translated into English or Korean and their notarization documentation must be attached.
  • C. If the documents submitted are incomplete, the applicant shall be rejected and all the documents they submitted shall not be returned. Even if an applicant fails to be admitted, the documents shall not be returned.
  • How to get notarial certificate (except China)
  • - The certificate and transcript from overseas schools must be submitted with an apostille or confirmation from the Korean Embassy in the school's country or confirmation from the country’s (the location of school) embassy in Korea.
  • - Applicants who earned their degree in United States : All documents submitted should be notarized by Korean-American Educational Commission or National Student Clearinghouse. (If you have an apostille, not needed)
  • 1. Korean-American Educational Commission(한미교육위원단):
    http://www.fulbright.or.kr / Tel: 02-3275-4000
  • 2. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Post-Secondary Education : https://ope.ed.gov/dapip/#/home
  • Applicant graduating from a university in China
  • (1) Submit both the Certificate of Graduation and Degree Certificate
    (Notarization is necessary for both, Embassy Legalization is not necessary.)
  • ▶ Submit either ① or ② (if not, disqualified and failed)
    (Embassy Legalization is not needed, but if it is a Chinese language version it needs to be translated and notarized. If it is in English version then the original document or the printed one of online version is needed.)
  • ① ‘Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate’
    : 中國⾼等敎育学历査詢報告 refer to http://www.chsi.com.cn
    - The applicant needs to check whether the degree is available online or can be printed and write that information down 报告编号 at the bottom of the paper and submit it.
  • ② ‘Credentials Report’ (认证报告): refer to http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn

  • (2) For transcript, if you also submit a certificate of academic record from the website of ① or ② above, then the transcript from your school does not need Embassy Legalization. (If not, Korean Embassy Legalization is needed on it. If it is not in English version, it needs translation and notarization.)
  • - If specific circumstances were not mentioned above:
  • 1. Please contact Apostille / Korean embassy(consul) in each country.
  • 2. Contact the country’s (the location of school) embassy in Korea.
  • Notes
  • 1. Non-refundable Application fee: 80,000KRW (U.S. Dollar 80$, not including bank fees)
  • 2. Submitted documents can not be altered, and will not be returned to the applicants.
  • 3. Application alteration, cancellation, and refund are not available after Application fee payment.
  • 4. In order to complete, applicants must submit all required documents.
  • 5. Applicants are responsible for any error in application documents.
  • 6. If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission can be cancelled.
  • Online Application precautions
  • 1. The application form with the application number must be printed after the payment of the admission fee to complete the application.
  • 2. Make sure to check the application form before paying the evaluation fee. Unable to modify, cancel, and return application to applicant after paying the evaluation fee.
  • 3. If you do not submit the required documents after application, you will automatically be disqualified and rejected.
  • 4. If the application and the submitted documents differ from the data entered on the application, the applicants shall be responsible for any disadvantages caused by the error in writing, omission of entries, or inability to read.
  • 5. In case of forgery of submitted documents and content of an application form, writing false facts, acceptance of wrong way, cancel acceptance and admission.

❏ Tuition refund (Abandon admission)
※ The tuition fee will not be refunded if the admission is canceled due to the disqualification for admission or if the applicant submits the application with any dishonest errors.

Application period Refund amount Submission The place of submission
Before the start of the semester
Full refund of tuition and admission fees paid - letter of giving up registration
- personal identification card
- copy of one's account
Office of MBA
After the start of the semester
Same as Current Standards The entrance fee and the certain amount of tuition are deducted. - application to leave school
- copy of one's account