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Academic Schedule

이전 2019-1 다음
  • ※ Academic Schedule can be changed depending on the circumstance , and the change
        will be updated here.
  • ※ The Event of Student Association will be announced afterward.
  • 2019 Academic Schedule
Date Contents Remark
January 01(Tue) (Public Holiday) New Year's Day (Public Holiday) New Year's Day
07(Mon)~11(Fri) Re-admission
11(Fir)~13(Sun) Independent Study Student Union
21(Mon)~28(Mon) Return from Leave of Absence
21(Mon)~3.29(Fri) Leave of Absence Application Period
February 04(Mon)~06(Wed) (Public Holiday) Lunar New Year's Day
14(Thu)~17(Sun) Application for classes
21(Thu) 2018 1st Semester Graduation Ceremony
22(Fri)~27(Wed) 2019 Spring Term Registration Period
28(Thu)~1(Fri) New student Orientation
March 01(Fri) Independence Movement Day Independence Movement Day
04(Mon) Opening of the first semester of 2019
04(Mon)~09(Sat) Modify course application
05(Tue)~08(Fri) New Student ID-Card Application for issuance
25(Mon)~27(Sat) Cancellation of classes
April 22(Mon)~27(Sat) Mid-Term Examinations
May 06(Mon) Children's Day (Substituted Holiday) Children's Day (Substituted Holiday)
12(Sun) Buddha's Birthday (Public Holiday) Buddha's Birthday (Public Holiday)
To be Announced Distinguished Lecture
To be Announced MBA Festival
June 03(Fri)~28(Fri) Student Feedback Period for Lecture
06(Thu) Memorial Day (Public Holiday) Memorial Day (Public Holiday)
17(Mon)~22(Sat) Final Examination
20(Thu)~28(Fri) Faculty Grade Entry Period
To be Announced Leader of Students Union Eledction Student Union
To be Announced Independent Study