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Global MBA


Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program is a systematic program provided by CAU Business School to nurture global leaders competent in the global market.
Firstly, the Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program nurtures global perspectives. All the courses provided in the program is 100% taught in English, and around quarter of the class participants consist of multinational students. Moreover, our program provides opportunities to establish a global network, based on IS:Link agreement and partnership with excellent business schools around the world. In addition, CAU business school has a partnership with KCMC(Korean CEO’s association of Multinational Corporations), providing the KCMC Business Case Analysis course lectured by the CEOs of large multinational corporations.
Secondly, the Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program provides the basis of business administrations in a holistic and balanced way, especially for non-business graduates such as graduates of engineering, science, humanities, etc. Best faculties and lecturers of CAU Business School provide first year common mandatory courses, covering all the basic business administration areas including marketing, finance, accounting, operations, information systems, strategies, HR and organizations.
Thirdly, students can select advanced expertise area to become specialists of ones’ own business domains. In the second year of the Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program, advanced elective courses in four areas of Accounting Finance, Strategic Marketing, Management and Organizations, Operations and Information Systems are provided. Students can specialize themselves in the selected area, and can be officially certified with the advanced area upon the MBA degree. In addition, our program supports to the student’s efforts to achieve global certificates in each field, e.g. CFA, CFP, FRM in finance area. Study groups to prepare the certificate exams are also supported.


Semester Progression of Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program

Procedure & Semester 1st Semester 2st Semester 3st Semester I/S 4st Semester
Earned Credits Per Semester 12 12 12 3 9
Accumulated Credits 12 24 36 - 45