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      For overseas residents and foreign applicants, we will hold interviews via SKYPE.
      At the time your application is received, you can choose a date to schedule your interview and you will have an interview on the morning (KST) of the selected day.
      Once your application is received, we will contact you separately to confirm the exact time of interview.
      **In order to conduct the interview, you will need to download Skype and create a user account.
      Please visit the link for more information

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      We offer various scholarships for new and enrolled students.
      These include academic merit-based scholarships, scholarships for foreigners, and other special case scholarships. You are only eligible to receive one scholarship.

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      Courses for the Global MBA Program are offered Monday to Friday between the hours of 09:00~18:00.
      Courses for the CAU Leader MBA Program are offered between the hours of 19:00~22:00 on weekday evenings, and between the hours of 09:00~18:00 on Saturdays. 

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      Early admission applications are due by XXX, and regular admission applications are due by XXX.
      Furthermore, the evaluation criteria for early admission candidates are weighted more heavily towards the interview, while the evaluation criteria for regular admissions are weighted more heavily towards your written application.
      For example, all candidates are evaluated on a score of up to 500 points (500 is the maximum score possible across both applications materials and the interview).
      1. The weighting for early admissions is as follows: Application materials score: out of a possible 100 points, Interview score out of a possible 400 points.
      2.  The weighting for regular admissions is as follows: Application materials score: out of a possible200 points, Interview score: out of a possible 300 points
      The administration encourages applicants to apply for the early admissions period.  Early admissions has an inherent advantage given the high importance of the interview on the candidate’s application, and the ability to secure your seat in CAU’s MBA program.

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      The CAU MBA is a 2-year course (4 semesters). Students can also earn additional credits (up to 2 credits) by participating in a program abroad during the summer or winter breaks..

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      There is no graduation thesis or a separate graduation examination required for graduation, but students must obtain a minimum of 45 credits and participate in the 'Distinguished Speaker' seminar.
      (Global MBA students should participate in the seminar 1~2 times, while CAU-Leader MBA students are required to attend 2 times.)

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      A person’s undergraduate major is not important when applying for the MBA. The required core curriculum is designed to ensure a business foundation for all students, even those who have not previously majored in Business Administration. A person who majored in Business Administration for their undergraduate studies is still required to complete the core curriculum, but will have the freedom to choose from optional electives as well

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      The CAU-Leader MBA program is designed specifically for those individuals who wish to manage both their current work career and classes. Classes will be offered on weekday nights and weekends. It will be difficult to manage both career and school work with the Global MBA given the full-time nature of the program.

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