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Message form the Dean

Welcome to Chung-Ang University, Graduate School of Business! 기업윤리 준수, 창의적이고 행동 중심적, 국제화된 21세기형 경영인 양성

The CAU Graudate School of Business was established in 2007, inheriting the tradition of the International Graduate School of Business Administration which was founded in 1979. We are also proud of Korea’s first college of business administration which was established in 1962. Up until now three thousand or so graduate students graduated from our school, and have led the Korean economy and businesses during the past three decades.

We have done and will do our best to educate future business leaders and managers who have a strong sense of corporate ethics, and are creative and action-oriented. They should also be prepared for the rapidly-changing global business environment of the 21st century. Thus, we set our educational objectives focusing on educating E(Ethical)-C(Creative) A(Action-oriented) U(Universal and global) leaders - in short, E-CAU leaders.

To accomplish the objectives, CAU Graduate School of Business has outstanding faculty members and offers a distinctive program. We completed the largest school of business building in Korea in 2016. Our professors have excellent academic research capabilities and records, and put forth a great effort in teaching and advising students, and providing community and public services. In addition, our graduate school offers a unique curriculum focusing on Marketing Communication, Media and Entertainment Management, and Corporate Finance and Asset Management.

Leveraging the traditional strength of the 1st college of business in Korea and the proximity of Yeouido, the financial center of Korea, we provide a variety of master’s degree programs including Global MBA Program, CAU-FUDAN Dual-Degree Program, CAU-FUDAN Finance Dual-Degree Program, CAU Leader MBA Program. In particular, CAU-Fudan Dual Degree Program offers the two master’s degrees including MBA from Chung-Ang University and MA in economics from Fudan University. On top of these, we provide job placement assistance and individual value enhancement by offering career management services to our students and alumni.

The 21st century is characterized by limitless competition across national borders. Individual competitiveness is as essential as corporate and national competitiveness. Do you want to be a globally competitive leader? CAU Graduate School of Business is where you can get the education to make it happen.

I warmly welcome you to CAU Graduate School of Business once again. I hope that you will become part of our effort to establish an excellent educational infrastructure and to develop the next generation of global business leaders.

Thank you.

Dong-Soon Kim, Ph.D. Dean Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Business