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The program tracks of the CAU MBA reflect the university’s long term educational goals, development strategy, internal competencies and the need for skillful business leaders in the rapidly evolving global business environment.
  • CAU MBA Program Tracks
Reasons for Selection Competitiveness
Trade & Emerging
Market Management
  • Expansion of emerging markets such as BRICS
  • Active participation in emerging markets
    by Korean firms
  • Lack of local experts
  • Accumulated strengths in terms of BK21 project experience in trade area, etc.
  • Diverse partnership networks (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, KIEP, KIET, KTNET, Korea Small Business Institute, etc.)
  • Need to establish marketing concepts
    which have not yet been put to use in the field
  • Marketing paradigm shift such as mobile, SNS, LBS advertisement
  • Need to train efficient consumer communication skills
  • The largest faculty in Korea
  • Collaboration with Psychology, Advertising
    & Promotion faculties of Chung-Ang University
Media & Entertainment Management
  • Rapid advancement and development in Media(Channel) areas
  • High growth rate in cultural contents industry
  • business opportunities
  • Traditional reputation of Chung-Ang University
  • Accumulated educational experience
    (EMP, etc)
  • MaeKyung’s media capability and contents
Financial Information & Asset Management
  • Necessity for achieving the advancement
    of financial industry
  • Planning of financial hub in Northeastern Asia
  • Improve corporate governance and management transparency
  • Faculty with plentiful field experience
  • Location-focused education by leveraging location advantage of being near Yeouido

CAU MBA Program consists of the daytime Global MBA program and an evening/weekend CAU Leader MBA Program. Both programs focus on training leaders by teaching integrated knowledge from various business disciplines. We aim to create classes that balance conceptual knowledge with practical application.

The Global MBA Program trains business leaders with advanced management skills by targeting the rapidly developing and newly emerging markets of countries around the world. The CAU Leader MBA Program trains business leaders who possess leadership, skills, creativity, in-depth field experience, and personal competency to improve their competitive position in global business. The CAU Leader program puts a greater emphasis on general management skills Media & Entertainment Management, and Financial Information & Asset Management. It also offers specialized advanced courses in Marketing Communication, Media and Entertainment, Financial Information and Asset Management, and Business Analytics and Data Transformation.

  • CAU GSB offers the following MBA programs.
Global MBA Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program The entire program is conducted in English and is designed for day-time students during weekdays. It aims to cultivate global business leaders who possess a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge in the field of management and have expertise in specific areas through specialized advanced courses of Finance, Strategic Marketing, Management and Organizations, Operations and Information Systems.
The Dual-Degree Program is a two-year graduate degree program between CAU and Fudan University. Structured in two phases, students will have their first year in CAU and their second year in Fudan University in China. The courses focus on a variety of themes related to international business/finance, modern Chinese economic theory, international trade, financial systems, etc. Students will gain the political and cultural knowledge necessary for understanding the Chinese Economy/Finance. Completing the course, students will receive an MBA degree from CAU and a Master’s degree of International Business/Finance from Fudan University.
CAU Leader MBA This program is conducted in Korean, designed for working professionals, and offered during evenings and weekends. In addition to the core program in General Management, it also offers specialized advanced courses in areas such as Marketing Communication, Media and Entertainment, Financial Information and Asset Management.
Foreign students cannot apply for this program due to Korean visa policy.