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CAU-Leader MBA


This MBA Program enables students to acquire general business knowledge and further develop competence with knowledge in traditional business areas and their chosen specialties.

Forty-five credits are required for graduation: 21 for General business courses, 18 for specialized courses (3 credits should be earned by taking field-oriented courses), and 3 for toolkit courses. The CAU Leader MBA Program generally requires students to take 9-12 credits of courses in the regular semesters (including the summer and winter sessions). The structure of CAU Leader MBA program is as follows:

  • Semester Progression of CAU Leader Course
Procedure & Semester 1st
I/S 2nd
I/S 3rd
Earned Credits Per Semester 12
1 2
2 1
9 9
Accumulated Credits 12
13 14
25 26
27 36 45