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Global MBA


The Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program offered by Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Business is a comprehensive program designed to cultivate global leaders. In today's business world, borders no longer confine businesses, and the market demands managers with global business insights. With limitless opportunities in the global market, particularly in emerging economies, renowned multinational corporations worldwide, as well as leading domestic companies, have already embraced globalization and expanded their business reach globally. The Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program at Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Business equips students with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in this opportunity-rich global market.
Firstly, the Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program provides an international perspective. All courses offered in the program are conducted entirely in English, and 88 percent consists of international students from various nationalities, including the United States, Europe, China, and other Asian countries.
Secondly, the Global MBA program aims to provide a systematic and balanced foundation in management for both business and non-business majors. It enables graduates from technical fields with a high understanding of technology and humanities majors with excellent language skills to grow as Global Generalists. In the first year of the program, through required core courses taught by top-notch professors, non-business majors can gain an integrated understanding of various aspects of management, including marketing, finance, accounting, production and service operations, management information systems, strategic management, and human resources and organizations. Additionally, for business majors, the program not only strengthens their fundamental knowledge of management but also provides opportunities to take more specialized courses through credit substitution, allowing them to delve deeper into their chosen areas of concentration.
Thirdly, the program allows students to specialize in a particular field and grow from a Global Generalist to a Specialist by selecting a concentration area within the realm of the Global MBA program. In the second year of the program, students can choose one of the four specialization areas: Accounting and Finance, Strategic Marketing, Management and Organizations, or Operations and Information Systems. By completing courses in their chosen specialization area, students not only obtain the qualification of a Master's degree in Business Administration but also receive recognition for their expertise in the chosen specialization.
The Global MBA specialization program provides a structured framework that allows students to develop as both Generalists and Specialists, enabling them to become internationally-oriented managers with specialized expertise. Through this program, not only business administration majors but also graduates from technical fields can build upon their technical background and gain an understanding of management. Likewise, graduates from humanities disciplines can leverage their humanities foundation to comprehend management principles and grow as experts in various management fields. The program serves as a solid foundation for their growth and development as professionals in the field of management.


Semester Progression of Global MBA Advanced Expertise Program

Procedure & Semester 1st
I/S 4st
Earned Credits 12 12 12 3 9
Accumulated Credits 12 24 36 - 45