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Global MBA


The Global MBA program is designed to provide fundamental knowledge in the field of management and to develop expertise in specific areas, training students to become global business leaders who are specialists as well as generalists. It offers students without business degree the opportunity to systematically learn theoretical and practical knowledge in management, allowing them to progress as managers. All courses offered in the program are conducted entirely in English, and approximately 88 percent consists of international students, creating a multinational learning environment. Students can choose to take either Advanced Expertise Program or CAU-Fudan dual-degree program.
Advanced Expertise Program CAU-Fudan Dual Degree Program
Courses are offered by four specialized tracks. By completing the required courses in each area, students can fulfill the criteria for specialization in that specific area and receive an Advanced Major (Concentration) qualification. After completing the first semester, students in the Global MBA program can pursue a dual degree program at Fudan University. Located in Shanghai, Fudan University is one of the top 3 universities in China.

Students will study management at Chung-Ang University in the first year, and then spend the remaining year at Fudan University. At Fudan University, students can choose to pursue a master's degree either in Finance or International Business. Upon completion of the program at Fudan University, students will earn both an MBA degree from CAU and a master's degree in either Finance or International Business from Fudan University.

The courses at Fudan University are also conducted entirely in English. Graduates from engineering backgrounds with a strong understanding in technology or humanities majors with exceptional language skills can choose the dual degree program with Fudan University to complement their knowledge in business administration and gain experience in emerging markets. This will enable them to grow as managers in leading domestic and international companies, where business in emerging markets plays a significant role.

Eligibility requirements for the program is a TOEFL IBT score of 90 or above, or an IELTS score of 6.5 or above.
Specialization Tracks
1. Accounting and Finance
2. Management & Organizations
3. Operations & Information System Management
4. Strategic Marketing Management
Global MBA
Advanced Expertise Program
CAU-Fudan Dual-Degree Program Master of Finance CAU-Fudan Dual-Degree Program Master of International Business