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- Global MBA[Full Time], CAU-Leader MBA[Night/Weekend course]

2023-1 Guidelines for Admission
  • Recruitment unit and Recruitment number
Course Name Number Characteristics
[Full Time]
Provides the foundation of fundamental knowledge based on the field of business administration for the generalist and specialist expertise in multiple degrees or sub-disciplines
- Year 1 : Study Basic business courses
- Year 2 Selecting course : Choose 1) Advanced Characterization or 2) Dual degrees
- Class with foreign exchange students
- If the standards for the specialized field of study are met, advanced qualification is given
⇒ Specialized Area : Accounting and Finance / Management & Organizations / Operations & Information System Management/ Strategic Marketing Management
※ MBA Dual-degree Program with the U.S. Cal State-LA (1+1) is added

Dual Degree Course

USA California State Univ-LA. - Dual Degree Course
- 1 year study at Chung-ang University MBA
- 1 year study at CSU-LA MBA
Dual degrees from both schools after 2 years
- Chung-Ang Univ. MBA : Master of Business Administration
- CSU-LA MBA : Master of Business Administration

* CSU-LA applicants must pay CSU tuition for the second year.
[Night/Weekend course]
  • Class Schedule: Select a weekday (night) and weekend class to set a personal timetable.
  • Class Opening : Weekdays (Monday-Friday, Night),
    Saturday (Morning, Afternoon), All classes are in Korean
  • Advanced major area
    • General Management
      ➀ Human Resources / Organization / Strategy
      ➁ MS/MIS
    • Specialized area
      ➀ Marketing Communication
      ➁ Financial Information and Asset Management
      ➂ Media Entertainment Management
      ➃ Business Analytics and Digital Transformation
  • Application Qualifications
  • 1. A person with a bachelor's degree either attained domestic or abroad, or a person with the same educational background according to the law
  • 2. Those scheduled to receive bachelor's degrees before February 28, 2023
  • 3. Academic background and major are not concerned
  • 4. Global MBA : All classes are in English
  • 5. When choosing dual degrees from the Global MBA student course
    - Need TOEFL IBT over 80 points or IELTS over level 6 and GMAT/GRE scores.
    - GMAT/GRE may be exempted depending on prior experience before entering the school.
    - Should get "B" or better in Chung-Ang MBA programs.
    - Details will be announced after admission.
  • 6. CAU Leader MBA : Experience in the workplace preferred No English classes provided
  • 7. CAU Leader MBA(Nigt/Weekend Course) does not accept foreign students
  • D-2 study visa is no longer available due to changes in the Immigration Law