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The Chung-Ang University CAU MBA Program consists of Global MBA and CAU Leader MBA. The programs have different admission criteria and schedules. Application to CAU Graduate School of Business is based on tentative schedule requirements. Qualified students are accepted into either the March or September intakes, based on their admissions and used preferences. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your application early.

  • Programs Tracks & Admission Class Size
Program Admission Class Size Characteristics
About 10 students
each semester
Provides the foundation of fundamental knowledge base in the field of business administration for the generalist and specialist expertise in multiple degrees or sub-disciplines
- Year 1 : Study Basic business courses
- Year 2 Selecting course : Choose 1) Advanced Characterization or 2) Dual degrees
- Class with foreign exchange students
- If meeting the standards of major course by characteristics area, advanced qualification is given
⇒ Characterization Area : Accounting and Finance / Management & Organizations / Operations & Information System Management/ Strategic Marketing Management
※ MBA Dual-degree Program with the U.S. Cal State-LA (1+1) is added

Fudan Univ.

Dual Degree Course

China(Sanghi) FUDAN Univ. - Dual Degree Course
- 1 year study at the MBA program at Chung-ang University
- 1 year study at FUDAN Univ.(EMA) : Economics or Finance
* EMA (English-instructed Master in Chinese Economy or in Finance)
Dual degrees from both schools after 2 years
- Chung-Ang Univ. MBA : Master of Business Administration
FUDAN Univ.: Master of Economics or Finance

* People with Chinese nationality can not apply
USA California State Univ-LA. - Dual Degree Course
- 1 year study at the MBA program at Chung-ang University
- 1 year study at CSU-LA MBA
Dual degrees from both schools after 2 years
- Chung-Ang Univ. MBA : Master of Business Administration
- CSU-LA MBA : Master of Business Administration

* CSU-LA applicants must pay CSU tuition for the second year.
About 25 students
each semester
  • Class Schedule: Select a weekday (night) and weekend class to set a personal timetable.
  • Class Opening : Weekdays (Monday-Friday, Night),
    Saturday (Morning, Afternoon)
  • Advanced majow area
    • General Management
      ➀ Human resources / Organization / Strategy
      ➁ MS/MIS
    • Characterization area
      ➀ Marketing communication
      ➁ Financial Information and Asset Management
      ➂ Media Entertainment Management
      ➃ Business Analytics and Digital Transformation
  • Application Qualifications
  • 1. A person with a bachelor's degree either attained domestic or abroad, or a person with the same educational background according to the law
  • 2. Those scheduled to receive bachelor's degrees before August, 2021
  • 3. Academic background and major are not concerned
  • 4. Global MBA : Available for English Course
  • 5. When choosing dual degrees from the Global MBA student course
    - TOEFL iBT 90 or IELTS 6.5 or higher must be obtained before receiving an application from FUDAN Univ.
    ( If no score is found, the admission decision is made by using an additional evaluation by FUDAN Univ )
    - If applied for Chinese government scholarship application for English score, you must get English score in March after entering school.
    ※ There may be further evaluation of FUDAN Univ.
    - For the spring semester applicants, they will enter FUDAN Univ after completing the first semester, then they will proceed to cpmplete their last semester at the Chung-Ang University.
    - In the final semester of Chung-Ang University, students must complete a thesis review course at Fudan University and the expenses for visiting China for thesis review or defense shall be paid at your own expense.
    - Need TOEFL IBT over 80 points and GMAT / GRE scores.
    - GMAT/GRE may be exempted depending on prior experience before entering the school.
    - Details will be announced after admission.
  • 6. CAU Leader MBA : Experience in the workplace preferred