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Academic Schedule

이전 2024-1 다음
  • Academic schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the official website for the latest developments. The schedule of events organized by the Alumni Association will be announced later.
  • 2024 Academic Schedule
Date Contents Remarks
January 01(Mon) New Year's Day Public Holiday
02(Tue)~05(Fri) 2024-Spring Re-admission
02(Tue)~07(Sun) 2023-Fall Grade Checking Period
03(Wed)~07(Sun) 2023-Fall Grade Correction Period
05(Fri)~07(Sun) Independent Study
08(Mon) 2023-Fall Grade Finalization
24(Wed)~03.29(Fri) 2024-Spring Leave of Absence Application Period
24(Wed)~31(Wed) 2024-Spring Return from Leave of Absence Application Period
February 09(Fri)~12(Mon) Lunar New Year's Day Public Holiday
19(Mon)~21(Wed) 2024-Spring Semester Class Registration Period Current and Returning Students
20(Tue)~23(Fri) 2024-Spring Semester Enrollment Period Current Students
23(Fri) Graduation Ceremony
26(Mon)~27(Tue) 2024-Spring Semester Class Registration Period for Freshmen Freshmen
To Be Announced Freshmen Orientation Freshmen
March 01(Fri) Independence Movement Day Public Holiday
02(Sat) Start 0f 2024-Spring Semester
02(Sat)~08(Fri) 2024-Spring Semester Add/Drop Class Period Week 1 (Class Editing Period)
23(Sat)~29(Fri) 2024-Spring Semester Class Cancelation Period Week 4
23(Sat)~4.05(Fri) 2024-Spring Semester Course Feedback Period
April 10(Wed) National Assembly Members Election Day National Assembly Members Election
20(Sat)~26(Fri) 2024-Spring Semester Midterm Examination Week 8
May 05(Sun)~06(Mon) Children's Day Public Holiday
15(Wed) Buddha's Birthday Public Holiday
June 03(Mon)~7.01(Mon) 2024-Spring Semester Course Evaluation Period
06(Thu) Memorial Day Public Holiday
15(Sat)~21(Fri) 2024-Spring Semester Final Examination Week 16
17(Mon)~7.1(Mon) 2024-Spring Grade Entry Period Faculties
To Be Announced Distinguished Lecture (DS) TBA
To Be Announced MBA Festival TBA