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Academic Schedule

이전 2023-1 다음
  • ※ Academic Schedule can be changed depending on the circumstance , and the change
        will be updated here.
  • ※ The Event of Student Association will be announced afterward.
  • 2023 Academic Schedule
Date Contents Remark
January 01(Sun) (Public Holiday) New Year's Day
02(Mon)~06(Fri) 2023-Spring Re-admission
12(Thu)~15(Sun) Independent Study
21(Sat)~24(Tue) (Public Holiday) Lunar New Year's Day
25(Wed)~02.01(Wed) 2023-Spring Return from Leave of Absence
25(Wed)~03.29(Wed) 2023-Spring Leave of Absence Application Period
February 16(Thu) February, 2023 Commencement
17(Fri)~20(Mon) 2023-Spring Enrollment: Add Classes Still Student
20(Mon)~24(Fri) 2023-Spring Registration Period Still Student
24(Fri) New student Orientation freshman
24(Fri)~27(Mon) 2023-Spring Enrollment: Add Classes freshman
March 01(Wed) (Public Holiday) Independence Movement Day
02(Thu) 2023-Spring Semester Starts
02(Thu)~08(Wed) 2023-Spring Enrollment: Edit Classes WEEK 1
06(Mon)~10(Fri) New Student ID-Card Application for issuance
23(Thu)~04.05(Wed) 2023-Spring Lecture feedback
23(Thu)~29(Wed) 2023-Spring Cancellation period for classes WEEK 4
April 20(Thu)~26(Wed) Mid-Term Examinations WEEK 8
May 05(Fri) (Substituted Holiday) Children's Day
27(Sat) (Public Holiday) Buddha's Birthday
June 01(Thu)~29(Thu) Course Evaluation
06(Tue) (Public Holiday) Memorial Day
15(Thu)~21(Wed) Final Examinations WEEK 16
15(Thu)~29(Thu) Faculty Grade Entry Period
24(Sat) MBA Festival Student Union
30(Fri)~07.05(Wed) 2023-Spring Grade Check
To Be Announced Student Union Election Student Union