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CAU-FUDAN Finance Dual-Degree Program


The CAU-Fudan Finance MBA Program is the third program within the Global MBA Program offered by the CAU Graduate School of Business of Chung-Ang University. It specializes in finance and the Chinese economy.
The field of finance has become a prominent sector of the global economy, surpassing the importance of the manufacturing sector. The 2008 financial crises - caused by the proliferation of sub-prime loans in the US and overlending in the EU - demonstrate how widespread a crisis in this sector can become.
The Chinese economy has been shifting from a manufacturing to a finance-based economy. China is moving away from low value added manufacturing industries to the high value added financial industry in their 12th Five-Year Economic Plan.
The EMA program offered by Fudan University -a highly respected university in China- is designed to train English-speaking specialists in the Chinese economy. As such, the EMA is an attractive and essential program for individuals as well as for firms which seek to do business in China.
Students in the CAU-FUDAN Finance Dual-Degree Program build a sound base of finance in their 1st year at Chung-Ang University, then in the 2nd year take courses in Chinese history, culture, economy, politics, business administration, capital market system, international trades, taxes, law, human resource management, regional policies on North-East Asia, industrial policy, reform and liberalization at the school of economics, Fudan University.


Curriculum structure of the CAU-FUDAN Finance Dual-Degree Program

The curriculum is divided into three categories: Required Courses, Required Courses(Elective), Fudan EMA Program.
Category Subject Remark
(the 1ST year)
Toolkit Courses Principles of Economics Dual-degree
prerequisite subject
Data Analysis
Required GeneralCourses Marketing  
Corporate Finance  
Organizational Process  
Strategic Management  
Operations Management & Management Science  
Management Information System  
Elective Courses Investments Dual-degree
prerequisite subject
Financial Accounting
Theory & Practice  
Behavioral Finance  
Financial Institution and Risk Management  
Emerging Market Finance  
Derivative Securities  
Global Finance Seminar  
Strategic HRM  
Leadership & Organization Management  
Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making  
KCMC Business Case Analysis  
SCM and Operation Innovation  
Big Data and Business Management  
Smart Management  
Integrated Marketing Communication  
Strategic Brand Management  
Marketing Research Customer Behavior  
non-credit courses Distinguished Lecturer Series  
Fudan University
Master of
(the 2nd year)
Required Courses Chinese Economy  
Monographic Study on Chinese Finance  
International Finance China's Financial System  
Elective Courses Chinese Foreign Trade  
World Economy and China  
Social Security System and Its Reform in China  
Capital Markets in China Applied Econometrics  
Doing Business in China  
China’s Taxation System and Fiscal Policy  
Public Management in China  
Industrial Policy of China Academic Writing  
Political Economy in East Asia  
Environmental and Energy Economics : Approaches and Applications in China  
Advanced Topics on Chinese Economy  
Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economy  
Urbanization in China Industrial Organization  
Topics on Development Economics  
New Political Economics in China  
Short-term Courses  
non-credit courses Distinguished Lecturer Series  

※ Curriculum is subject to change by Fudan University.